Thinking about having a Fundraising Event?
Majestic Lanes helps local church fundraisers, school fundraisers and many other organizations too.

Are you organizing a fundraiser for your organization? 
Are you looking for a new fundraising Idea? 

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Option 1: Bowling Only
$60 per lane 
  • Sold per lane
  • 2 hours of bowling
  • Free shoes (our contribution)
  • 5-6 people per lane
For example: You can sell this package for $100 per lane. 10 packages sold = $400 raised
Option 2: Bowling and Food
$10 per person
  • Sold per person
  • 2 games of bowling
  • Free shoes (our contribution)
  • Slice of pizza and a beverage
Extra pizza and soda available upon request.
For example: You can sell this package for $20 per person. 100 packages sold = $800 raised
Option 3: Short Season League
$15 per person per week 
  • 10 week program, just for fun!
  • Teams consist of 4 bowlers of any combination (male or female)
  • Minimum of 6 teams needed to start the league
  • 3 games of bowling each week
  • Trophies at the end of the program!
$2 - $3 per bowler per week goes to the charity fund. At the end of the $10 weeks, the money will be added and sent to any organization of your choice in your name! For example: 
10 teams/4 people/10 weeks = $800 raised
To learn more about creating a fundraiser of your own, email us below!
A member of our staff will get back to you shortly!

Fundraiser Sign-Up

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